Trash Reminder

Dear VK Owners and Renters,

This is a reminder to properly dispose of your trash and recycling materials, especially during these hot summer months. Food and scraps should be tightly sealed in bags before being placed in trash containers so as not to encourage maggots or other insects. When you place your plastic bottles or glass bottles in recycling, make sure you remove the tops because they are not recyclable. If you are recycling numerous heavy bottles, please distribute them between the recycling bins so that the wheels/handles don’t break from excess weight. Cardboard boxes must be broken down. If you have extremely large cardboard boxes, please break them down and place them between the bins and the wall (pizza boxes should be broken down and put into the trash– they are not recyclable. ) Crushing your plastic water bottles will help save space in the recycle bins. Make sure you read the information on each of the recycle bins because things are being placed in the bins that are not recyclable!

As a reminder: garbage pickup is Tuesday and Friday; recycling is once a week on Tuesday; bulk pickup is only on Friday. Bulk pickup time varies so your bulk pickup needs to be put out next to the street near the VK Private Property sign by 5 pm on Thursday evening or before 8 am on Friday morning. Please consider dropping off your usable, unwanted items at Goodwill which is just a few minutes away.

​Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe during this corona virus health crisis,

Carol Weber, VK Secretary

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