VK Pool is Open, but No Guests

Dear VK Owners:
The Mayor of Hillsboro Beach has announced that as of 4/29, the restrictions imposed by the County for the use of multi-family pools have been lifted and Homeowner Associations will once again have jurisdiction over pool use with specific limitations outlined by County use.  Therefore, the VK pool will be opened with the following restrictions:
Pools are only to be used by owners and renters–no guests permitted.
Pool chairs should be placed so as to accommodate social distancing.  
Social distancing should be maintained both on the pool deck and in the pool.
If VK owners or renters decide to use the pool, they must bring their own disinfectant sanitizers and wipe down the gate, pool hand railing, chairs, bathroom door knobs and any other hard surfaces used or touched.  
If you choose to swim during the corona virus pandemic, you do so at your own risk and peril.
We hope everyone stays safe!  (Owners, please inform your renters.)
The VK Board

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