Announcing New: VK Guest List

VK Owners,

Many of you have expressed concerns about the communities ability to track unfamiliar faces on VK property.  With that in mind, we would like to announce the addition of the VK Guest List to the website. The VK Guest List will contain information related to guests that will be on property without the unit owner present.

As a reminder, unit owners are required to notify the board of any non-immediate family members (excluding renters) that occupy their unit when the unit owner is not in residence.  Unit owners are now able to submit that information to the board via the Guest Application Form link contained within the VK Guest List page.  The VK Guest List and Guest Application Form are only accessible through the password protected section of the website under MENU then MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS.  If you are an owner in need of the password to access this information, please make a request through the Contact Us link.

Best regards,
VK Board

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