Effective Immediately: VK Beach and Pool are Closed

Good evening VK owners and residents. Please be aware that effective immediately all Deerfield beaches, both public and private, have been closed by emergency order of the county. The VK pool is also closed until further notice.

Please find a letter from Mayor, Deb Tarrant below. A link to a copy of the full emergency order is also contained below.

Stay well and be safe.

Broward County Emergency Order No. 20-05

Late yesterday afternoon, Broward County issued Emergency Order No. 20-05. According to Section 2 of this Order, among other requirements, all commercial and non-commercial pools, pool decks, and hot tubs are to be closed. The only exceptions to this are for single-family lots, single townhouse units, or duplex lots, so long as the amenity is used only by the inhabitants of that lot or unit. (Click here for Broward County Emergency Order No. 20-05.)

In the opinion of Hillsboro Beach Town Attorney D.J. Doody, this order is all-comprehensive and effectively restricts activities for all common areas for condominium buildings in the Town of Hillsboro Beach. Several communities in Town have already instituted a mandate closing their common areas. It is now official that all communities must follow suit. Given that the intent is to address areas of potential congregation, this mandate includes the beach.

Per Broward County Emergency Order No. 20-05, these restrictions will remain in place until the State of Local Emergency is lifted. As of now, it is anticipated the Local Emergency will be in effect until at least April 30th.

Be a Good Neighbor

A large number of our residents are elderly and live alone. If you are acquainted with people in your building who may be isolated as a result of the Stay-at-Home orders, please reach out by phone or electronic methods to check on them. It’s amazing what a lift it can bring to feel like someone cares.

Stay home, stay safe, stay well!

Deb Tarrant


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